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Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) & Acupuncture

Updated: Apr 19

Acute Acupuncture 163 The Terrace, Wellington Central, Wellington.
Accident Compensation Corporation(ACC) & Acupuncture at Acute Acupuncture Wellington.

In New Zealand, accidents may be subsidized by ACC.

Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) or The ACC Scheme is not limited to workplace accidents. ACC may subsidize any accident you may have.

If you are not working, for example, if you are on benefits, or if you are in between contracts or jobs, you may still be eligible for an ACC claim so long as it's an injury.

People visiting New Zealand may also be eligible for ACC claims if their accident happened in New Zealand while they were staying. This is not just limited to citizens and residents of New Zealand.

Also, returning citizens and residents of New Zealand May be able to claim for injuries while they are abroad. So, if you do have an accident, ACC may subsidize your treatments if they meet ACC's criteria.

At Acute Acupuncture Wellington, we need your ACC-45 number, the date of injury, and the Read codes to conduct an ACC treatment.

It's important to note that your injury must have been under 12 months old, or additional paperwork may need to be completed to have an approved claim (ACC32).

Other important information to know before you book your first ACC treatment:

Approved ACC45

Before booking, you must have an approved ACC45 form completed by the hospital, General Practitioner (GP), after-hours medical center, physiotherapist, and/or osteopath. Otherwise, a full payment may be charged.

ACC45 Number versus ACC claim number:

Acupuncture via ACC, you don't need to be referred to Acupuncture

Injuries that are OVER 12 Months

ACC Subsidize Treatments

Switching Practitioners or Clinics


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