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Acute Acupuncture:  Aftercare 

At Acute Acupuncture Wellington, your treatment doesn’t end when you walk out the door and recovery and aftercare are essential aspects of your treatment and recovery.

What you should know before you book Acupuncture Click Here.


As part of your initial consultation, as well as throughout your treatments, your practitioner will discuss additional aftercare or treatments that are right for you and your particular ailments.  This may be herbal formulas for internal deficiencies, or repletion such as pain and pain management.


For example, for musculoskeletal conditions that you may be using ACC for, your practitioner will most likely discuss the use of stretches, foam rollers, massage balls, trigger point balls, and silicone cupping sets to further assist in your recovery. 


To help with your aftercare, everything that is sold at the clinic is modestly priced because we focus on clinical outcomes relying on word-of-mouth.


Your practitioner can only take you so far between the frequency of your treatments and your treatment plans, so to aid in a speedy recovery aftercare advice is given in order to get the best results and the biggest lead in the progress of your recovery.


If you have any more questions or concerns check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), as we find these answers most people's questions.

Restoring the body’s natural balance through the insertion of very delicate needles into strategic points located on and around the body

Medical Massage techniques using stretches, pressure points, and joint rotations, which may be beneficial in the management of any pain or ailments
Cupping involves the use of small glass cups and the use of a heat sourceis similar to a deep tissue massage
Herbs are the pharmaceutical aspect of your treatment, which may help to support patitaints clinical outcomes
Ear acupuncture where the external surface of the ear is stimulated with a maximum of 5 Acupuncture needles or ear seeds in each ear
Heat therapy that use smokeless MOXA (moxibustion) or the use of an infrared heat lamp, to bring warmth or heat to the acupuncture point or body area
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