Acute Acupuncture: Auriculotherapy

Auriculotherapy is a micro system to acupuncture whereby the external surface of the ear is stimulated with a  maximum of 5 Acupuncture needles or ear seeds in each ear; this may help alleviate pathological conditions in different parts of the body.

The development of this therapy is particularly based on traditional Chinese Medicine, however, it also derives from Dr. Paul Nogier a French physician in the 1950s. He demonstrated that specific areas of the external ear were associated with pathology in different parts of the body. The amalgamation of the Chinese model and the Dr. Paul Nogier model has led to the development of what Auriculotherapy is today.

Auriculotherapy is great for anyone who doesn’t want, or who may be afraid of regular Acupuncture, as this is an effective treatment on its own. However, combining this treatment with other therapies will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness for the patient.

If you have any more questions or concerns check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), as we find these answer most people's questions.

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