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Acupuncture For Autoimmune Diseases

Updated: Apr 18

Acute Acupuncture 163 The Terrace, Wellington Central, Wellington.
Acupuncture For Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune disorders are a group of diseases that arise from an abnormal immune response of the body against its cells. These disorders vary in symptoms and severity, affecting various organs and/or systems of the body. Common autoimmune diseases or disorders include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and celiac disease. The exact cause of autoimmune disorders is not yet fully understood, but it is believed to be a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine practice that involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points in the body. This practice aims to restore the balance of energy flow in the body, known as qi, which is considered responsible for the body's health and well-being. Acupuncture has been used for centuries to treat various health conditions, including autoimmune disorders.

Recent research has shown that acupuncture can be effective in managing the symptoms of autoimmune disorders. One study on patients with rheumatoid arthritis reported a significant reduction in pain and stiffness after receiving acupuncture treatment. Another study conducted on patients with lupus showed that acupuncture effectively reduced fatigue and improved quality of life.

One mechanism by which acupuncture works is by stimulating the release of endorphins, natural painkillers produced by the body. Endorphins also help to reduce inflammation, a key factor in the development of autoimmune disorders. Acupuncture has also been found to regulate the immune system by modulating the activity of immune cells and decreasing the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Overall, acupuncture can be a valuable adjunct therapy for the management of autoimmune disorders. It is a safe and effective practice that can help reduce pain, inflammation, and other symptoms associated with these disorders. However, it is essential to note that acupuncture should not be used as a substitute for conventional medical treatment. Patients with autoimmune disorders should consult with their healthcare provider before incorporating acupuncture into their treatment plan. However, consulting a qualified acupuncturist and integrating acupuncture with conventional medical care is crucial for the most effective and safe management of autoimmune diseases. After treatments, one may feel relaxed, energized, and rejuvenated. Communicating with your practitioner about your experience is essential to ensure you receive the maximum benefits from these treatments. Click the button below and book a complementary 15-minute consultation at Acute Acupuncture, 163 The Terrace, Wellington Central, Wellington. Let's discuss if acupuncture is the right thing for you. Thank you for taking the time to read this Blog Post. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this post with others. If you have any questions or concerns, check out Acute-Acupuncture Wellington Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), as we find this helps answer most people's questions. Please leave a comment below.

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